Episode 3/Mariam Mikaelian Adajian

Welcome featured Medz Mama, Mariam Mikaelian Adajian!  

Grandson Mike Adajian is proud to pay homage to his paternal grandmother Mary Adajian.

Mary was born in Musa Dagh, Musa Leṛ (Armenian), “Moses Mountain” in the mountainous region near the ancient city of Antioch, which is the Hatay Province on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.  Her father was a mukhtar or the village leader of Azir, which is an offshoot of Yoghonoluk.

She came from a large family and had eleven brothers.  Mary and several of her brothers emigrated before the Armenian Genocide, which was planned and perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire. However, many of her brothers were among the four to five thousand villagers of Musa Dagh that resisted Turkish soldiers, for fifty-three days.  Eventually, the Armenians of Musa Dagh were rescued by a French warship passing in the Mediterranean and were transported to Port Said.