Episode 5/Elmon Piligian Mouradian

Welcome featured Medz Mama, Elmon Piligian Mouradian!

Granddaughter Talar Keoseyan is proud to pay homage to her maternal grandmother Elmon Piligian Mouradian.

In this episode, Granddaughter Talar beautifully describes her grandmother’s resilient, creative and humorous nature.

Elmon was born in Yenikhan in Sepastia (Sivas, Turkey).  She became an orphan at the age of ten, during the Armenian Genocide.*  At such a young age Elmon lost her parents, two brothers, a sister, and extended family.  At the orphanage she meets her future husband and together they have five beautiful daughters. Her journey takes us to Aleppo, Syria where her legacy is passed down to her daughters and grandchildren.  Lovingly referred to as “Nene,” Medz Mama Elmon continues to make a huge impact on Talar’s creative life as a writer and community activist. 

Medz Mama Elmon’s resilience and strength shines through the voice of her proud granddaughter, Talar. 

*For the survivors and their descendants, the Armenian Genocide (1915-1923), is an open wound, because Turkey denies it to this day. One hundred and six years later, Armenians still suffer this continued genocidal agenda. On September 27, 2020, amid the COVID pandemic, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and mercenaries backed by Turkey, shelled and attacked the civilian population in Artsakh. This forced 100,000 Armenians to leave their ancestral homeland of several millenniums.