Episode 4/Anahit Melkonyan

Anahit Melkonyan

Welcome Medz Mama Anahit Melkonyan!

Granddaughter Sona Melkonyan is proud to pay homage to her paternal grandmother as our featured Medz Mama!

Our Medz Mama Anahit takes us back to her roots in the village of Khoy, (Iran), then Jermuk City, Vayots Dzor, and Yerevan, Armenia.  Her fondest memories are connected with her family and the mountainous landscape of Armenia.  Medz Mama Anahit recalls joyful childhood adventures with her grandfather Apo, in Jermuk City.

Granddaughter Sona beautifully describes how her grandparents met on New Year’s Day.  Medz Mama Anahit recalls the happiest days before 1993 when she worked professionally as a nurse, while her husband worked as a policeman.  Side by side they raised three children.  She goes on to describe the painful loss of her son Alik, who joined the army when the Karabagh movement began, in 1994.  Medz Mama Anahit gracefully shares her wisdom with us and her hopes for the future generation of Armenians.

The strength of Medz Mama Anahit is heard in her love for her family, especially her granddaughter Sona, who carefully prepared the contents for this interview.  In granddaughter Sona’s voice you will find love and admiration for her Medz Mama, which is deeply rooted in a strong and loving bond. 

Special shout out to gifted musician Haig Ashod Beylerian,  for permission to feature the song “Karabakh Im,” from his album “Armenian Folk Music For Guitar,” released in October 2020.

Created by: Anoush Bargamian 

Story by: Anahit Melkonyan

Interviewer: Anoush Bargamian and Sona Melkonyan

Music by: Haig Beylerian